Tony's Place: Tips & Tricks

Every play on Labtones can be scrobbled to!

Benefits for listeners?
Labtones lets you keep your stats on up-to-date.

Benefits for artists?
The plays of your songs on Labtones will be scrobbled. If your song has never been played on, will collect the artist- and trackname. On you can see these statistics. On Labtones you can also see your personal statistics in your profilepage.

I want it, how can I get it?

If you have a listeners account on Labtones, just go to: 'Edit profile'. Navigate to the tab: Scrobbler and click the button: 'Create trusted relationship with'.

Easy Peasy Japanese... :)

Tag your discoveries on Labtones with 'discovered at labtones' on Check for more info: at labtones