Dear Labtoner,


Today, Labtones will be launched officially! The beta phase is finished, the testing is done and we've added heaps of new features over the last months. From now on, Labtones is the official network for independent artists and listeners!

But don't tell! When you find new music, you're excited and want to share your latest discoveries with your friends. But, keep your source to yourself. Don't let others run away with your discoveries! That is what our launch campaign is all about. You can watch videos on in which users share their thoughts. And you can do this too! Visit for instructions! Your personal video will be shown on your Labtones profile page and on the Labtones Youtube channel. We will also show random videos on the Labtones home page, so this is the perfect chance to promote your artist or listener page to a global audience!

Check out our new LabCharts! What do you think of the cool retro look? The charts will be updated daily, giving you information about songs that moved up or down, new songs, re-entries, etc.!

Power to the network! The Labtones Radio has always been a popular source for the best music on Labtones. Want to get airplay on the radio? From now on, you can mobilize your network to vote for your songs! All they have to do is push the 'vote' button behind the song title.

You can start now with giving your Labtones profile page the look which corresponds to the style of your band! Just create a personal header using your favorite graphical software. This header will be shown at the top of your Labtones profile page. Listeners can upload a personal header too. Start giving your profile page a personal touch!

Surprise your network with two more songs! The maximum number of songs on your artist profile has been increased from three to five. You still have to make a selection of your best work, but we granted the request for adding more songs. And, it is no longer to convert your files to 128 kb/s mp3s before uploading. You're free to upload (almost) every kind of audio file you like!

The news section is no longer limited to artists alone; from today, listeners can also submit their news! Share your musical discoveries, a great gig you have been to, you name it!

Today is a historic day! So far, it's been the journey of our lives; we are ready for the next step. Thanks for staying with us! We are still open to suggestions and feedback... and remember: the Labtones network is you!

Have fun,
Team Labtones