Dear Labtoner,

At, we are constantly working on improving the network and adding new features. Two major features which have been added recently are personal recommendations and scrobbling!

Personal recommendations
Labtones will now give you personal recommendations based on your musical taste. This makes it even more easy to discover great, new music! You can find a list of artists selected for you at the top of your personal profile page when you're logged in with your listener account. Enjoy the music, maybe give a couple of songs a star rating (or become a fan if you really like the artist!), and tomorrow you will find a fresh list of artists selected for you.
Yes, Labtones scrobbles! Users with a listener account on can now scrobble all the songs played on Labtones to their profile. This includes songs played on Labtones Radio! Just visit your "edit profile" page and follow the instructions on the Scrobbler tab to enable scrobbling for your profile.

The team