Dear Labtoner,

First of all, thank you very much for joining Labtones, our online network for independent artists and listeners.

So far, the responses have been great and we welcome new members each day. We are amazed by the quality of the music that apparently is made by hard-working artists who have their musical heart at the right place. We hope that Labtones helps artists to get discovered, and helps listeners to discover the best new music. At least at Labtones HQ we enjoy your music very much ;)

We also would like to notify you of a cool new feature we have.

Discovered a great band on Labtones?
Click on the "Share this profile on Facebook/Twitter" button on the profile page of the artist and you will inform your friends about your discovery.

Have a cool mixtape?
Collected some great songs on your personal mixtape? You can also share your profile page (or someone else's, of course) using the "Share this profile on Facebook/Twitter" button.

Behind the scenes we are very busy with developing more new features for the website. We will let you know as soon as we have new things to offer.

At your service!
Prof. Tony Lab