Dear Labtoner,

The end of the year is approaching and what a good year it was for us! In February, we officially launched the Labtones network and the feedback from artists and listeners has been very positive so far. There is already a lot of very good music to discover on our network. Our new artist of the month, for example! But more on that later... Let's make 2012 a good musical year together!

Change your username!
Had some troubles recently and changed your bandname from 'Jack and the Hippos' into 'Jack and the Hippo'? It was already possible to change the name of your band on Labtones, but now it is also possible to change your Labtones username! This is easy for both artists and listeners. Just navigate to your 'edit profile' page and fill in your new username. From then on, you can login with your new username and your unique Labtones URL will be changed into or!

Want to play at Labtones Live?
In October 2011 we organised four Labtones Live events, which were quite a success!  You can read reports on our blog and watch some footage on our Youtube channel. We are planning to organise more Labtones Live events in 2012. Interested in playing at one of those events? Send us an e-mail at!

Labtones artist of the month December: Motzer
The Labtones artist of the month December originates from Mannheim, Germany: Motzer. This duo is already active on Labtones since the early beginning and suprises their fans regularly with new tracks. The music sounds inspired by the singer-songwriter genre and often contains multiple, interesting layers and instruments. For a long time, the band members used to play in numerous bands from “music city” Mannheim before they formed Motzer together. The duo explains who does what: “Uwe Scholze is responsible for the vocals, most of the lyrics, some songs, the best ideas, the good feeling and the important tambourine. Jochen Lederle does all the rest, like lousy guitar playing, composing while sleeping, tight drum programming, shaking and mixing, holes in the air staring and making recordings.” So, the gentlemen of Motzer do not take themselves very seriously, but the music is good nonetheless. Just listen to some songs on their Labtones profile, or as the band puts it: “Let the music do the talking!”