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It is a couple of days ago that autumn officially started. Here in Western Europe, autumn is the perfect season to listen to some quality music! So turn up your custom LabCharts or personal recommendations to discover new artists!

Labtones Live!
But there is more... in October we will organise four Labtones Live! events in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. During these events, some of the best acts from the Netherlands and Belgium that can be found on the network will present themselves to the public. You are welcome on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of October. Visit for more details!

Wanna play on Labtones Live?
Are you an artist (from the Netherlands or Belgium) and do you want to play on Labtones Live! too? It is possible! We have a final spot left in the program on October 15th. Send an email at if you are interested and maybe we will see you and your instruments on the 15th!

Artist of the month: Vera
Our artist of the month october already started at a young age with songwriting and discovered that her strength lies in writing personal songs that, as she describes it, deal with "everyday life, love and other inconveniences". The 28-year old Dutch singer has been supported for eight years by three members of the Rotterdam based band Raskolnikov; experienced musicians who give her music an honest and acoustic sound. In general, the songs have a nice jazzy or folky feeling to them that perfectly fits with the personal lyrics. In 2009, this resulted in a beautiful album (Leave a Line) and recently the successor Bubbles and Bones has been released. On the new album, Vera has grown as a singer and is no longer afraid to use her voice with its full potential. Therefore, we are very happy with the fact that she will also perform at the Labtones Live! event on Saturday October 8th. A few songs from her new album can be played from here Labtones profile page:

Labtones Blog
Labtones now has a blog! Check out to stay updated with the latest news about your music network.

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