Dear Labtoner,

Hello Labtones user,

here is another newsletter to keep you up to date with the latest news from the network!

New homepage
As you may have noticed our home page has been re-designed completely. It now features some graphical highlights of the network and some big buttons. We especially like the 'Surprise me!' button, which takes you to a random artist profile (logged in users only). Very addictive! Visit to take a look.

Embed your gigs and music player
The music on your artist profile is no longer Labtones-only! You can simply embed the music player on another website by pressing the '</ Embed>' button and copy-pasting the resulting code. And the same is true for your Labtones gigs list! If you have fans who are not on Labtones (do you?) they still won't miss a gig.

An eye on the LabCharts
Did you know that the LabCharts is a great source for amazing music? Visit en enjoy the music! For example, we have a new #1 today: 'The Worm', by CircleView. And Electric Litany is also one of our favorites (currently #7).

Take care and happy music listening!
The Labtones team