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Labtones Live! 28 January 2012

In 2012, Labtones will continue the succesful Labtones Live series! Keep an eye on this blog for news, videos and reviews!

Annik - Photo: Patricia van Zwoll

The first 2012 edition took place on Saturday 28 in Merz, Dordrecht. Three Labtones artists got the chance to present their music to a live audience in a great atmosphere. First on stage was Annik (NL). They played a very interesting mixture of rock, funk and soul. Singer Anneke has a very special and beautiful voice, which perfectly fits the original music. The fact that she sometimes also played the trumpet certainly adds to the originality.

Annik - Photo: Patricia van Zwoll

Annik - Photo: Patricia van Zwoll

Next, Fraud the Band (IE) gave a set. In a very small setting (voice/guitar and flute), they played folk music with an Irish sound. A group of people gatheredsilently in front of the stage to enjoy the intimate and beautiful songs.

Grant Moff Tarkin (BE) gave the final show of the night. And what a show it was. Their music is very original and creative, and clearly inspired by artists from earlier years. They sometimes even sounded like a crossover between Velvet Underground and Neil Young. Singer Julax has a good voice and looks like she is completely absorbed by the music. And so was the audience!

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