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Hi All Labtoners,

*Freger65* > Frederik & Gerda, we are a married couple, both born and raised in 1965 at Willebroek, Flanders, Belgium.

Zodiac signs: Capricorn & Lion

We love lots music genres, listening, funding & promoting independent music is one of our hobbies.
We are always open to discover new music talents
Neither of us can't sing, or plays an instrument.

Our roots in the music are the mid 70's,80's and 90's when music was played with instruments and not complete with computers sounds effects.
This means not that we don't love the music of the new century or present days, even the 'New Beat' in the late '90's brought a few nice things. Only country music is still pure and played with real instruments right from the heart ? Country music never dies! But we also enjoy New Age & Space music to ;-)

Our favourites:

*Instrumental Music* : *STRATO-VANI* Orchestra, Jean-Michel Jarre, Markus Pitzer 'Dreamweaver', Anima Infinity, Vangelis, Kitaro, Nattefrost, Kenny G, Sash, Enigma, Hulon, Stefan Dibell,, Clemens Esterel, Translunar, , Enya, Adya, All India Radio, Vlad(germany), Mindmovie etc...

Independent Artists:

*Wolf Muzic Pack* : Katie Thompson, Lori Greco, Aly Cook, Aryn Michelle , Tula, Natalia Safran, Lindy Waldeck, Anne Marie Sunshine, Celeste, Bonnie, Riannti, Angie Arsenault, Fleur Jack, Gisel de Marco, Eline Chiara, NRG Rising, Apryl Evans, Riannti, Ophelia Syndrome.

*Freger65"s Music Collection* : Inge Music, Menura, This is Lizzard, Jana G., Jade Diary, Wildcat, Jodi Ann, Ellie Williams, Lunic, Sarah's blue dress, Jody Direen, Starar, Grace Weber, Mennana, Gabriel Scar, Sentinel, Ashleigh Ashton, Jesse Ashfield, Newton, Kyler England, The Rescues, Chelsea Musick, Ashley Alexander, Loni Rose, Aubrey Wood, Diane Weigmann, etc...

**All independent musicians/artists that we support or follow or we have already music of in our big music collection**

*Other hobbies* :
Ships and Shipspotting ( - Fleetmon (Digital-Seas) - Marinetraffic - Pinkfroot - Vesseltracker - Shipspotting)

Watching cycling races on tv (road - cyclocross)


11 Oct 2014
Raquel Aurilia
Just One Kiss
11 Oct 2014
Desolate Enigma
6 Oct 2014


The Foxes
Get Me
6 Oct 2014
The Phantom Four & The Arguido
Settle Down
6 Oct 2014
I'm A King Bee
6 Oct 2014


portrait [B]
Need I Say More
Very good song, what a voice fantastic and wonderful percussion! Super I'm still wating on your full album, but I know it's not sheep
6 Oct 2014
Under Surveilance
Excellent reggea, superb sound, love the trumpets in the melody
19 Jun 2014
No Money
Very nice lyric, reggea first class!
19 Jun 2014